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Multi-Disciplinary Fine Art + Illustration

b. 1989


Allison M. Low is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Singapore. She works primarily in the field of drawing and painting and is most interested in the “inner-spaces” which we periodically inhabit, especially during in-between states such as decision-making, contemplation and procrastination. 

Over the course of her practice, she has ventured into other mediums, including multi-media installations, murals, digital-projections, animation and sculpture.  

Allison has taken part in almost 50 group shows internationally and has held 2 Solo Exhibitions in Singapore and 1 solo Exhibition in Sydney, NSW. She has produced work for institutions such as the Asian Civilisations Museum SG,  ArtScience Museum SG, National Arts Council SG, Design Orchard SG, OH! Open House SG and Vogue Singapore among others.



Education –

Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from UNSW College of Fine Arts, NSW, majoring in Drawing and Painting.

Diploma in Visual Communications from Temasek Polytechnic Design School,SG.

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