B. 1989

Allison M. Low is an artist based in Singapore. She has worked primarily as an image maker, fascinated by the human condition. Since 2010, her works have been showcased in galleries such as Taksu Gallery (Sg), Robin Gibson Gallery (NSW), Kult Gallery (Sg), Air space Projects (NSW) among others.

After graduating with a Diploma in Visual Communications from Temasek Polytechnic School of Design, Allison obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from the College of Fine Art (UNSW) in Sydney where she majored in drawing and painting. Her Debut solo show ‘Oddlings’ opened at The Substation Gallery in 2015 and traveled to Sydney that same year. ‘Oddlings’ received the ‘Highly Commended’ prize at it’s first mini showcase in the COFA Annual, and is now represented by Taksu Gallery regionally.

Allison continues to work with concepts involving emotional chaos and intangible states of being.




The Luckier, K+ Curatorial Space, SG



Oddlings Solo Exhibition, Airspace Projects, NSW

Oddlings Debut Solo Exhibition, The Substation Gallery, SG




OH! Open House, Emerald Hill, SG

Light to Night Festival, Asian Civilisation Museum & Victoria Theatre, SG



Dia De Muertos Sg, 99 Beach Road, SG

Gif Fest, Gillman Barracks, SG

Bilateral Bonds, Taksu Gallery, SG

From the Ocean to the Silver City, Australian High Commission, SG

Multiply : A Majestic Playground, New Majestic Hotel, SG

Art Stage Singapore at Marina Bay Sands, Taksu Gallery, SG (art week)

Out-of-Home Media with Media Corp/Kult, SG



Power Records at Kult Gallery, SG

Ways of Being at Knuckles and Notch, SG

Art Gwangju with Taksu Gallery, Korea

Bilateral Bonds at Taksu Gallery, KL

Bilateral Bonds at Taksu Gallery, SG

Of Cuckoos & Sparrows at Deck, SG

Locals Only! at Taksu Gallery, SG

SCOUT : Emerging Art Practices at Gillman Barracks, SG (art week)



Kult Cafe Opening at Kult Cafe, SG

Dia De Muertos : A Tribute to Frida Kahlo at Mt. Emily Hill, SG

Southern Winds : A Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki at Glitch Gallery, SG

The Sunday Edition at Coq n Balls, Singapore

Little Shop of Horrors at Kult Gallery, Singapore



Red Herrings at Museum of Independent Music, SG

In Motion at Air Space Projects, NSW

Danger Will Robinson! at Air Space Projects, NSW

Deconstruction : In Search of Truth at Goodman Arts Centre, SG

Girls of the Underworld at Kult Gallery, SG

Art Loft Launch Party at 22 Crane Road, SG

Repost at Kult Gallery, SG

Blue Hour Sessions at Lomography Store, SG



Don’t Let the Lucid Moment Dissolve at Gallery Eight, NSW

Nostra at conclave, SG

Celebrating Women : Charity Event for Aware, SG

Portrait Show at Robin Gibson Gallery, NSW

New Talent at Robin Gibson Gallery, NSW

Three and Half Conclaves at Conclave, SG



COFA Annual Graduation Show at UNSW Kensington Roundhouse, NSW

Erotica at Gogorama, SG

Dreamscapes at Gogorama, SG



Re-opening : The Art of Clubbing at DBL O Queen Street, SG

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