“[Oddlings]… is about desire, vulnerability and loss. Drawing on the discord in human relationships, and the duality between self-worth and self-sacrifice in times of great uncertainty. “

– Allison M. Low


Oddlings is an exploration of relationships gone sour, and the denial that inevitably follows. Focusing on the times we have to measure our self-worth against self-sacrifice in the attempts to hold on to the people we love, and the foolishness that results from those endeavours. It is about how we often abandon the principles that we have built over the years, and return to a state of childlike disregard for consequence. It is about trying to understand that these conflicts are driven by the innocence and naivety that comes with love and longing.

Drawing from portraits of unknown children from a distant time has become a means of detachment from personal calamity. It has provided an open landscape to process emotions from a place beyond the mess. Constructing exaggerated scenarios of children – playing twisted games, manipulating and being manipulated, dealing with semi-inanimate existences – helps to grant an awareness of choice in how we handle ourselves during periods of emotional chaos.



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